Mission & Rules


A variety of different missions will challenge your teamwork and communication skills and ensure that no two battles are the same.



  • 1. Check in 10-20 minutes before your battle time.
    • - Teams are randomly assigned at check-in.
    • - Groups of 3 or more players will have players on both teams.
  • 2. Safety Briefing and Weapons Instructions
  • 3. Get Your Battle On!
    • - Get a feel for the guns with a warmup round of Team Deathmatch.
    • - Engage in 5-7 mission based scenarios assuming both offensive and defensive roles.


At Battle House, your safety is paramount. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, our rules of engagement are as follows:

  • No running.
  • Dead men can't talk.
  • No blind firing.
  • No charging.
  • No spawn camping or recharge area camping.
  • No gum, food, or drink in the arena.

Battle House Field Marshals will provide instruction on these rules and also enforce them to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Violations may involve your temporary placement in a penalty box or removal from the game scenario or facility.