By DHuckbody | April 7, 2018

New – M2 50 Caliber Machine Gun at Battle House Tactical Laser Tag

T7 Raptor at Battle House Tactical Laser Tag

is hands-down the best laser tag weapon on the market. The T7 Raptor at Battle House Tactical Laser Tag is made from 100% Alcoa aluminum, CNC milled, and machined in the US by defense department contractors. 95% of all parts are sourced from US companies. An incredible value, once you pick it up, you’ll be hooked.

T7 Raptor at Battle House Tactical Laser Tag is the standard issue weapon.

The standard gun is a semi-automatic, with a 30 round magazines. Four hits to kill your opponent.


Magazines: 8

Rounds: 30

Damage: 25%

Reload Time: 2 sec

Cyclic Rate: 400

Weight: 3.97lbs

Length: 19.7 inches

Height: 10.1 inches

Range: 1250 feet

Scope: 30mm red dot

We took our grandsons there, they had a blast!! The facility is great and the staff friendly and professional. I liked the idea that you could watch them on a monitor. Also everyone had to work as a team, great for kids! Bringing them back this Friday?

Christine Woodall Perry

Our crew had a blast! They are still talking about it today! The staff was great and made our experience awesome at battle house! We can’t wsit to go back.

Tracey Willetts Swanson

Best laser tag that I’ve ever played! I make the trip from Jacksonville just to play here! Lots of cover to hide behind/in, multiple floors, multiple lives, different game types, awesome weapons (AK47 and M4 are my two favorite), the ability to use tactics and strategy, competitive but friendly, very addicting, and the staff are super friendly and hilarious! It’s a different experience each time! I definitely recommend going here! I will definitely be playing here as much as possible!

Colin Ewton

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