The Armory

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Sophisticated, Accurate, Fast and Fun

Over 70 laser tag gun styles for adults who want real laser combat engagement.

Want to have some serious fun?  Battle House Laser Combat is mission based, team orientated, engaging and great fun for everyone.  Our Armory is stocked with over 70 laser tag guns of various models, tactical capabilities, size and weight. They have the look of Modern Warfare video gaming but handle and feel like the real thing. They are sophisticated, accurate, fast and fun.  And they bring laser tag to a completely new and exciting level of fun and intensity. Try out this new form of combat sports. You won’t be disappointed.

Schedule your corporate team building event today or purchase tickets and join others who want some serious fun.

Weapons Overview

T7 Raptor Sub Machine Gun-profile-image
T7 Raptor Sub Machine Gun

The T7 Raptor Sub Machine Gun is the perfect weapon to knock out the competition. With the highest rate of fire and the fastest reload time, your opponent doesn’t stand a chance.


AK-47 Assault Rifle-profile-image
AK-47 Assault Rifle

The AK-47 Assault Rifle is the world’s most popular weapon and now we have made it a laser weapon for your battlefield. The Ak47 has a very realistic feel & look.

M4 Assault Rifle-profile-image
M4 Assault Rifle

The M4 is the workhorse of the United States Military. The weapon itself is iconic throughout the world and represents freedom and democracy

M2 .50 Calibre Machine Gun-profile-image
M2 .50 Calibre Machine Gun

The M2 .50 Calibre is the ultimate laser tag battlefield crew serve weapon. Designed for pure base defense or specific laser tag combat missions.

MP5 Stinger-profile-image
MP5 Stinger

Known as the worlds most popular & selling laser tag weapon. Designed with the help from actual Special Forces team operators.

Sniper Rifle-profile-image
Sniper Rifle

One shot. One kill. Our sniper rifle is the ultimate gun to pick off your opponents. You won’t want to be alone though as the sniper rifle has a longer reload time.

Shot Gun-profile-image
Shot Gun

If you want to play unfair, this is the gun for you. This sawed off shot gun is our only weapon without a scope and the ability to blast multiple players at one time.