Nate Hoffmann, Field Marshal’s Insider Perspective

By DHuckbody | September 29, 2017

Tactical laser combat is an entirely different experience from “kiddie laser tag”.  Forget the plastic vests, the plastic weapons, and spending 15 or 20 minutes running around in an unrealistic environment.  Your experience at Battle House Laser Combat will be exceptional, made unique by owner Doug Huckbody and his helpful, engaged staff who run the missions.

Nate Hoffmann, Tactical Gaming Lead, has been with Battle House for 2 1/2 years.  “The best part of my job is making people happy, and seeing their eyes light up when they experience our different mission scenarios and our multi-level urban arena,” said Hoffmann.  “Battle House is unlike anything else; we stand out with our tactical objective-based missions, which make the gaming experience unique every time you visit.  More importantly, the whole crew goes the extra mile to give you a 2-hour experience you won’t forget.”

Hoffmann likes to offer various tips and strategies to his players.  “I tell our combat teams to talk to each other to come up with a strategy before starting their mission.  It’s all about positioning, communicating, and helping your team,” he added.  “The best strategy is to not go solo.  You always want someone watching different directions so you’re not blindsided by the enemy.”

Hoffmann is a great Field Marshal because he loves interacting with the teams, offering strategies, and making sure they have a fantastic time.  “My favorite experience so far was helping a young lady named Tiffany,” said Hoffmann.  “She was in a wheelchair with a broken leg.  I gave her a fully automatic gun and pushed her throughout the arena, as if we had turned her wheelchair into a tank.  She was super happy because she was able to play with her friends and family.”

When asked what the best feedback was that he’d received so far, Hoffmann answered, “I heard someone say, ‘That was the best money I’ve ever spent’.”