Construction Update 09.01.2014

By DHuckbody | September 1, 2014

Building a city within a building is proving to be more of a challenge than we originally anticipated. We are however, making good progress with the initial framing of 5 buildings including the Police HQ well under way. Two of these buildings will be 3-stories in height before our work is done. Framing of the remaining buildings will begin this week.

Work on our Core Facilities also progresses. Have you ever watched an elevator shaft constructed then the pieces-parts of a complex elevator system put together? It proved truly fascinating, at least for some of us.

Our first floor reception area, restrooms, armory and conference / party room framing is nearly complete. Drywall is on-site and ready to be hung.

Our plans are to now open early to mid-October, with beta testing of the facility and our processes in the coming weeks.

Please call us at 815.382.7191 if you would like to have a sneak preview of Battle House and our equipment.

The equipment, props and gaming scenarios have been proving themselves quite capable and effective over the last several months where they have been utilized in our Mobile Arena services. We’ve had in-door and out-door battles, in parks, backyards, gymnasiums and even a marina. A night battle proved to be quite fun and extremely challenging.

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