Celebrate Your Best Birthday Party Ever … at Battle House!

By DHuckbody | September 7, 2016

Planning a birthday party takes a lot of time and effort, so let someone do part of the work for you! Battle House Laser Combat is the perfect venue to host a birthday party for your loved one, ages 8 to 98.

Battle House can accommodate groups of almost any size; you can even rent the entire facility and have the run of the place for all your guests. The birthday boy or girl (or man or woman) can have a special role in the mission scenarios, playing the featured person in “Rescue the VIP” or “Protect the President”. Guests of Honor also receive a special Battle House t-shirt.

A birthday party held at Battle House won’t be quickly forgotten. People, especially kids, are always looking for unique, fun ways to entertain their friends with a memorable birthday party experience. Battle House’s 15,000 sq. ft. indoor urban complex facility offers a multi-story arena with passages, tramways, hi-tech props, and obstacles that help depict a realistic combat environment. It’s much more sophisticated than “kiddie laser tag”, and offers a realistic, live “Call of Duty” gaming experience, only the participants are actually in the game, instead of watching it on a screen!

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