Brian Nielsen, Field Marshal Tips & Strategies

By DHuckbody | October 27, 2017

A Field Marshal at Battle House Laser Combat is responsible for many aspects of each participants’ gaming experience.  He or she must ensure that rules are understood, that the battles are played fairly and safely, and that each participant learns how to play in a strategic and tactical manner.

Brian Neilsen, a Field Marshal – Level 2 who has been with Battle House Laser Combat for the past 2 1/2 years, enjoys learning about the technology associated with this higher-end level of tactical laser combat.  “I enjoy working on the equipment and finding new enhancements to make,” said Neilsen.  “My favorite experience so far has been helping develop and build new equipment.”  I’m currently attending college and with an emphasis on robotics which helps greatly in my current position.

Neilsen’s favorite missions to referee are the version of “The Bomb!”, where one team has to blow up a randomly selected room, and “Get to the Choppa”.  “I enjoy watching the groups develop different tactics to complete these complex objectives,” he added.

Battle House Laser Combat is a unique type of facility that offers realistic situations, weaponry, and communication requirements.  “We offer a gaming experience where the goal is not to work on your personal score, but to work together as a team,” said Neilsen.  “I advise players to use the Red Dot Sight.  Keep both eyes open for a broader view of your surroundings, and keep your equipment at the ready vs. hanging by your side.  Our equipment is very fast and accurate and proper shooting techniques are critical.  And equally as important is to not go alone.  If you travel with a teammate you have a better chance of survival and achieving your objective.

Neilsen is a great fit as a Field Marshal.  “Not only can I get a large group organized, I’m also able to connect with people of all ages and help them have a memorable gaming experience,” he said.  “I love hearing players’ feedback.   Once you get a taste of Battle House, you’ll want to return again and again!”

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