Battle House Offers Law Enforcement Officers Unique Training Facility

By DHuckbody | February 26, 2016

Battle House Laser Combat is an entertainment destination with multiple uses. Not only does the facility provide a realistic, top-notch military-style laser combat experience in an expansive, multi-layer building, it doubles as a unique training ground for law enforcement officers looking for a way to create different scenarios like ones they may encounter on the job.

In the real world, law enforcement officers are drawn into situations they can’t predict. They don’t know if a situation that requires them to draw and utilize their weapons will be outdoors or indoors, in a home or shopping mall, on a highway or in a forest. That unpredictability is difficult to train for, but Battle House Laser Combat makes their facility available so that officers can experience different scenarios and situations, all in a large, climate-controlled environment that helps them focus on preparation, training, and operational decision-making.

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