Battle House Offers Law Enforcement Training

Area Law Enforcement teams now have access to a truly unique, intentionally designed, indoor tactical environment for training. Various departments have used Battle House Laser Combat’s safe, climate-controlled facility to practice delivery of warrants, room-clearing, simulated active shooter situations, dog handling, and other specific training. Many then engage in Battle House’s mission scenarios for team building and blowing off steam. Battle House doubles as a location for thrilling, energetic, tactical laser combat for kids and adults ages 8 to 80.

“Battle House is a veteran-owned business,” said Doug Huckbody, owner of Battle House. “We have ties to military and law enforcement agencies, and we’re proud to offer our facility and equipment to public safety organizations for tactical training and team building at a significantly reduced cost.” The facility, with various two-story buildings, tramways, and obstacles, offers an ideal environment for SWAT, SRT, CERT, MEG, FBI, K-9, and other training. The equipment is state-of-the-art, accurate, and fast. Law Enforcement Training can be scheduled during weekdays, with exclusive access to the entire facility.

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Battle House Laser Combat Offers Outings for Indian Guides & Princesses, Student Groups

The YMCA Indian Guides & Princesses is a terrific family program that encourages parents and their young children to engage in a side-by-side journey of exploration and learning. The Circle, the program’s group unit, provides structure, support, and a sense of community to help build self-esteem and feelings of personal worth for the children, and to provide opportunities for parents and children to spend enjoyable, quality time together.

Battle House Laser Combat is an awesome way to bring Indian Guides & Princesses and parents together to learn team-building skills, enjoy great exercise, and have a lot of fun; the experience, geared to everyone between the ages of 8 and 80+, is unique and challenging on many levels. “One of our very first events at Battle House was with the Indian Guides,” said Doug Huckbody, owner of BHLC. “Since then we’ve hosted many different gatherings of individual Tribes and Nations.”

Battle House is mission-based and tactical. For example, “Protect the VIP” is an escort mission with one team trying to get their VIP safely to the helipad for extraction, while the other team tries to prevent his/her escape. “Capture the Flag” and “Rescue Randy” are other scenarios that involve learning to communicate within a team and strategizing to accomplish a goal together. The indoor facility is an incredible environment, with eight 2-story buildings, tramways, abandoned vehicles and a crashed helicopter, and high-tech tactical laser combat equipment.

In its nearly three years of operation, Battle House has hosted many events for park districts, youth groups, and boys’ and girls’ middle and high school teams and clubs. Kids and adults of all ages enjoy the camaraderie, the thrill of the chase, and the friendships forged during play. For more information about arranging your Indian Guides & Princesses or other student activity outing, please give us a call at 815-900-9003 or email us at

Celebrate Father’s Day at Battle House!

When another tie won’t cut it, and you’re looking for a great gift for dad for Father’s Day, give him a fun, family-friendly experience at Battle House Laser Combat!  He’ll love the adrenaline-filled, fast paced, exciting challenge of tactical laser tag.  From Friday, June 16 through Sunday, June 18, Dads play for free if accompanied by a paying child.

Doug Huckbody, owner of Battle House in Lake Barrington, created this mission-based tactical combat facility to provide a terrific entertainment experience for families.  “Our introduction to tactical laser tag was during our daughter’s wedding weekend up in Wisconsin,” said Huckbody.  “It was a way for the men in the wedding party, along with their children, to bond and have fun before the ceremony.  We all had an absolute blast, and decided we wanted to bring the concept to Illinois.”

Father’s Day is a holiday that gives children a way to honor and spend time with Dad, regardless of age.  Battle House offers a great way to share an afternoon building memories.  After the missions are complete, Dad can take a breather in the Hornet’s Nest, a second-story mezzanine lounge that offers various beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverage options.  While relaxing, guests have direct access to the arena to watch new battles and root for your favorite team.  A wall-mounted 55” flat-screen television keeps you updated on sporting events and other news.

1, 2, 3 Deals will be available from June 16th – June 18th too! 

Deal #1 – $30 per player

Deal #2 – $45 per player for TWO battles

Deal #3 – First four players to walk through the door (per battle) get FREE Weapon Upgrades!


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Battle House Offers Serious Family Fun Over The Holidays!

family fun in lake barringtonFamilies who are able to spend time together during the holidays are truly blessed. It’s a wonderful time to reflect on past traditions and to enjoy the present. One way to enjoy a terrific experience together is to “get your battle on” at Battle House Laser Combat in Lake Barrington, IL.

“Battle House offers a unique way of bonding with your family,” said owner Doug Huckbody. “We’re a family-run business, and we love when families and friends come during the holidays. They battle for almost 2 hours, engaging in exciting mission scenarios. On several occasions we’ve had three generations playing. It’s a blast, and the team building aspect of the experience really brings people together.”

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Celebrate Your Best Birthday Party Ever … at Battle House!

Planning a birthday party takes a lot of time and effort, so let someone do part of the work for you! Battle House Laser Combat is the perfect venue to host a birthday party for your loved one, ages 8 to 98.

Battle House can accommodate groups of almost any size; you can even rent the entire facility and have the run of the place for all your guests. The birthday boy or girl (or man or woman) can have a special role in the mission scenarios, playing the featured person in “Rescue the VIP” or “Protect the President”. Guests of Honor also receive a special Battle House t-shirt.

A birthday party held at Battle House won’t be quickly forgotten. People, especially kids, are always looking for unique, fun ways to entertain their friends with a memorable birthday party experience. Battle House’s 15,000 sq. ft. indoor urban complex facility offers a multi-story arena with passages, tramways, hi-tech props, and obstacles that help depict a realistic combat environment. It’s much more sophisticated than “kiddie laser tag”, and offers a realistic, live “Call of Duty” gaming experience, only the participants are actually in the game, instead of watching it on a screen!

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Tactical Laser Tag – A Safer Option Than Paintball

For a military-style combat adventure, there are two main choices: laser combat, which is a much more realistic and sophisticated experience than laser tag, and paintball. When comparing the two, it’s very clear that laser combat is the better choice.

“Laser combat utilizes infrared light to monitor and score each shot,” said Doug Huckbody, owner of Battle House Laser Combat. “This method of using invisible light is completely harmless, using the same technology as your tv remote. Paintball involves the use of projectiles, which can cause injuries and painful welts on all parts of the body.” Paintball participants are required to wear helmets and protective eyewear, and most wear heavily padded clothing.

Paintball is played in an outdoor course, subject to inclement weather. Laser combat is generally played in an indoor facility; Battle House offers a 15,000 sq. ft., multi-level indoor arena, so the weather outside is irrelevant.

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Battle House’s Armory & Realistic Weaponry

If your laser tag expectations consist of small, plastic, lightweight weapons, then you’re missing out. At Battle House Laser Combat, the armory is stocked with over 70 laser tag guns of various model types, tactical capabilities, sizes, and weights. They’re realistic, sophisticated, accurate, and fast. They literally look like what you’d use in a Modern Warfare or Call of Duty video game, but they handle and feel like the real thing. You won’t believe it until you see it.

Doug Huckbody, owner of Battle House, wants his customers to have serious fun. Battle House Laser Combat is mission-based, team-oriented, and thrilling for all, ages 8 and up. Laser combat is different from regular laser tag; it requires strategy, communication, and creativity. The armory makes it amazingly real.

The T7 Raptor Sub-machine gun has the highest rate of fire and the fastest reload time. If you’re a fan of speed and enjoy being “on the attack”, this is your weapon.

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Battle House – Birthday Parties Unlike Any Other

If you ask any youngster how they like to spend their time, chances are one of their top answers will be “playing video games”. Boys and girls alike enjoy playing the realistic, challenging mission-scenario games that require team communication, strategy, and tactical maneuvers that play out on the screen.

It’s even more fun for them when they can act out the missions in real life! Battle House Laser Combat offers a laser tag experience unlike any other, using simulated military-style weapons that look and feel like those used in real combat training. Forget the kiddie-style laser tag that uses small plastic gaming devices and awkward, oversized vests. Battle House is the real deal, with life-like “Call of Duty” action for kids ages 8 and up. The usual feedback after any battle session includes “when can we come back?” and “that was SO fun!”.

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