Veteran-Owned Battle House Honors Veteran’s Day

By DHuckbody | October 30, 2019

This November 11, 2019, it’s our chance to give the bravest men and women of our country the greatest honor.  As a veteran-owned business, Battle House Laser Combat and its employees are giving our respectful salute to our heroes in the military this Veteran’s Day. 

Founded and run by Doug Huckbody, his wife Jane, oldest son Darek, and other members of his family, most of which are veterans, Battle House Laser Combat is a place where everyone can have fun playing mission-based military-themed battles. 

With locations in Illinois, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, people will not only have one of the best times of their lives but will also learn teamwork, discipline, tactics, and strategies to complete missions. These are some of the military values the Huckbodys want to instill to players at Battle House Laser Combat.

Fun games with a purpose

Battle House Laser Combat isn’t the kiddy laser tag in which players run around aimlessly for 10 or 15 minutes.  Battle House is mission-based and they make sure these games are played with a purpose. 

Players are briefed and prompted to think of tactics and winning strategies to complete objective-based missions. These fun missions are all military-themed, like saving a city by defusing a bomb, rescuing downed soldiers, or holding area objectives in a game called domination. 

Partner up with your teammates, communicate, strategize to bring victory to your team with the best laser tag there is.


Deals for Veteran’s Day

In honor of Veteran’s Day, the whole weekend Battle House is offering great deals that all can take advantage of: 

  • Active Duty and Veterans pay only $5 per Battle Time

  • On November 9th & 10th, Veterans and their family receive a $10 off discount per player

It’s a holiday made to honor our men and women who have served the country. It’s also a great day to have fun with the family and celebrate togetherness. When you spend this day, remember to recognize and honor all of America’s active-duty military personnel and veterans. As Doug Huckbody says, “They’re the reason we live in a free country.”

Go out with the whole family on Veteran’s Day weekend and spend it playing missions at any of Battle House Laser Combat indoor arenas. For inquiries about deals and promos, give us a call or check out our website,

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