The XM4

By DHuckbody | February 8, 2018

Developing a new product that improves your entertainment business and helps it grow is ideal. Doug Huckbody, owner of Battle House Laser Combat, spent a year designing and building the XM4, which will become the standard weapon in the armory in both the Lake Barrington, IL and Wilmington, NC Battle House locations. It will also go into service at the two additional facilities opening in 2018, in Green Bay, Wisconsin and second location to be announced.

“The XM4 can be utilized with the standard semi-automatic, 3-round burst, full auto, and sniper settings,” said Huckbody. “It’s based on the M4, the standard issue of the U.S. Military. The design includes a quad rail system and military specifications, allowing a variety of accessories to be added with simple available attachments like bi-pods, forearm grips, lights, and sling attachment points.”

Huckbody had several reasons for designing his own laser combat equipment. “We were dissatisfied with many aspects of the service we received and the quality of their products. Moving forward, we are already in the final design phase of another new tactical laser tag gun and plan to build additional equipment to enhance our brand and bring new technology to the table. Our improved designs are very realistic and fun to use.

Ease of maintenance was another key consideration. “Removal of one panel on each weapon provides quick access to nearly all the electrical components, which we’ve consolidated into the receiver/magazine,” added Huckbody. “This significantly reduces maintenance time, allowing for faster repair and return of the equipment to the armory, where it generates revenue.”

Cost reduction and self-sufficiency are additional reasons for Huckbody’s innovation. “We can utilize components available through the internet and direct access to suppliers,” he explained. “The receiver, lens assembly, and LED light board are manufactured locally, offering reduced costs and improved response time. Our new guns have generated energy and excitement for our customers as we integrate them into our armories.”

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