Fundraising Events n Fayetteville, NC

By DHuckbody | August 30, 2019

Putting “The FUN” in FUNdraising: Battle House Fayetteville, NC Introduces the Easiest Way to Raise Funds!

Battle House is introducing a really awesome fundraising approach to support local schools, park districts, other private and public non-profit organizations, and individual efforts to raise funds for a deserving cause.

It’s truly a Win – Win – Win!

Win #1 You and your organization raise needed funds for a worthy cause in an efficient and cost effective means.

Win #2 Participants have fun (while they’re raising $$) by playing tactical laser tag.

Win #3 Battle House supports the community with a generous donation of 50% of designated ticket sales.

We’re thinking of fun battles, serious missions, cool gear, groups of enthusiastic players, all that and nothing but fun!

Why You Should Plan Your Fundraising Events With Us

Make some dough

Car washes and bake sales at best will earn you a couple hundred dollars. At Battle House one sold-out game will instantly earn you $900+. Sell out 3 battles and you’ll be getting an instant $2000+ for your funds! All that and more, while you just relax and have fun. How easy was that?

No hassle for organizers

Purpose Built State of the Art Facility

Our massive, in-door, climate controlled facility is a complex urban environment within huge recreational centric building. The gaming arena includes 8 (2-story) buildings connected by tramways and passageways for a challenging, multi-dimensional gaming experience. You’ll participate in a series of fun, team orientated mission scenarios utilizing the latest in high-tech equipment and gaming props Upstairs we have a mezzanine stocked with beer and wine for any guests who plan on watching during the battle.

You can bring in food or have it delivered as we offer event rooms with tables and chairs for people to relax and eat.

On the fence? Not sure this is the right decision? How about a chance to play it first?

Battle House Donated the following:

1. The Davey Project: $1,329

2. Oasis School: $933

3. Calvary Christian Student Government: $916

4. Trask Middle School Athletics: $903

5. Ashley High School Band fundraiser: $579

Battle House is not the “kiddy” or bowling alley laser tag most people have experienced. At Battle House, we’ve created a truly unique gaming experience that is fun for nearly all ages. We advertise ages 8 to 80 but have included players on both ends of this guideline. We have some lighter equipment for those on the younger end of the scale, and encourage parents, Grand parents, and Great Grand parents to play. You can set your own pace and engage physically to a level you are comfortable with.