Facility Construction Update This October 6, 2014 | Battle House

By DHuckbody | October 6, 2014

Target date for completion of initial construction activities is 10.22.2014. Operations will begin shortly thereafter. My recommendation…Get Ready to Get Your Battle On!

We are taking advance booking and reservations for individuals and groups. Seriously, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to be one of the first to engage in laser combat at Battle House. Call 815.382.7191 to reserve your battle time.

With construction progressing at a solid pace, we are planning to test the facility and equipment with beta groups. Form up your group or squad and contact us to arrange a date and time.

Since our last update, the framing of the buildings are nearly complete. Floors within the Gaming Arena and sub-floors with our Core Facilities are complete. Steel stairways, the sprinkler system, drywall, and additional duct work are being installed.

Two RTU’s (roof top units) for heating, air conditioning and moisture control were lifted onto the roof of the RECPlex this week. Awesome job in getting the units in place.

Our thanks to the architects, engineers, contractors and trade specialists in bring our project closer to completion.

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