Birthday Parties Are Memories In The Making

By DHuckbody | September 1, 2017

A birthday is a great time to celebrate that special person in your life. Planning a party requires time and effort, so off-site parties are very popular. Battle House Laser Combat in Lake Barrington has become a successful, premier destination for birthday parties.

“We are proud to offer families a meticulously clean facility and weapons arsenal, and an exciting, fun-filled gaming experience for birthday parties,” said Doug Huckbody, owner of Battle House Laser Combat. “We enjoy helping families make special birthday memories, and we want our customers to remember the experience forever.”

One customer planned her son’s Battle House birthday party for him and 19 guests. “She decorated our event room to the nines, and made t-shirts that included team identifications,” added Huckbody. “We love seeing customers personalize the rooms to fit their theme.”

One satisfied parent commented, “My son had his tenth birthday party at Battle House, and everyone had an amazing time! It was 1,000 times better than our laser tag party at Brunswick last year, which consisted of only two 15-minute sessions. Battle House gave them nearly two hours of play time! The owner was extremely accommodating and kind – a great guy to work with. Now my older son wants his birthday party here this fall!”

Another parent added, “We hosted our 16-year-old twins’ birthday party at Battle House, and everyone had the time of their lives. My husband and I even joined in the fun! They talked about it the whole way home, and were still talking about it three days later. They want to bring their high school Cross Country team next time!” And the comment that says it all: “Normal laser tag has forever been ruined for me by the exhilarating experience that Battle House provides!”

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