Laser Tag Armory & Realistic Weaponry | Battle House

By DHuckbody | August 2, 2016

If your laser tag expectations consist of small, plastic, lightweight weapons, then you’re missing out. At Battle House Laser Combat, the armory is stocked with over 70 laser tag guns of various model types, tactical capabilities, sizes, and weights. They’re realistic, sophisticated, accurate, and fast. They literally look like what you’d use in a Modern Warfare or Call of Duty video game, but they handle and feel like the real thing. You won’t believe it until you see it.

Doug Huckbody, owner of Battle House, wants his customers to have serious fun. Battle House Laser Combat is mission-based, team-oriented, and thrilling for all, ages 8 and up. Laser combat is different from regular laser tag; it requires strategy, communication, and creativity. The armory makes it amazingly real.

The T7 Raptor Sub-machine gun has the highest rate of fire and the fastest reload time. If you’re a fan of speed and enjoy being “on the attack”, this is your weapon.

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