Battle House Offers Pristine Facility And Equipment

By DHuckbody | August 20, 2017

Many laser tag facilities have chaotic, staggered customer turnover, which doesn’t allow for efficient cleanings between games.  Players may begin a new game after being handed a sweaty vest from a previous player.  At Battle House Laser Combat, the gaming system was designed so players don’t have to wear smelly vests, and downtime is designated between battles so equipment can be sanitized and ready for the next user.

Battle House Laser Combat prides itself on its state-of-the-art equipment, and keeps it maintained to a very high standard.  Sight-in for the weapons is performed in-house on a weekly basis, ensuring correct alignment so players’ guns have the greatest accuracy to hit their targets.  The game utilizes small infrared beams of light, so accuracy is very important.

Not only is the weapons arsenal always functional, the guns are cleaned after every use.  “We want our customers to have a remarkable gaming experience,” said Doug Huckbody, owner of Battle House Laser Combat.  “We get many compliments from parents for how well-kept, organized, and clean our air-conditioned facility is.  We have many customers who come to play, so we make sure guns, door handles, windows, and other frequently touched surfaces are cleaned several times a day.”

The arena, the carpeted mezzanine area, the event rooms, and the bathrooms are all cleaned and maintained with military precision.  “The quality of our facility and the gaming experience we provide are very important to us,” added Huckbody, who has a military background.  “In addition to our regular customers who come to play for fun, our facility is used by SWAT teams and other public service groups.  They have high expectations for cleanliness and organization, and we do our best to exceed their expectations.  Our attention to detail is second to none.”

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