Birthday Parties Unlike Any Other | Battle House

By DHuckbody | May 19, 2016

If you ask any youngster how they like to spend their time, chances are one of their top answers will be “playing video games”. Boys and girls alike enjoy playing the realistic, challenging mission-scenario games that require team communication, strategy, and tactical maneuvers that play out on the screen.

It’s even more fun for them when they can act out the missions in real life! Battle House Laser Combat offers a laser tag experience unlike any other, using simulated military-style weapons that look and feel like those used in real combat training. Forget the kiddie-style laser tag that uses small plastic gaming devices and awkward, oversized vests. Battle House is the real deal, with life-like “Call of Duty” action for kids ages 8 and up. The usual feedback after any battle session includes “when can we come back?” and “that was SO fun!”.

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