Take Team Building To The Next Level at Battle House

By DHuckbody | August 28, 2019

Tactical laser tag is team building at its foundation... strategy, tactics, communication and speed of action.

“Tired of the same old, same old, Whirlyball, DaveandBusters, 8 laps around the track, bowling alleys...really?”  Immerse yourself and your team in a complex, massive multi-dimensional urban environment with engaging missions, realistic armory, and tactical laser combat.  Plan to win, fail to plan and lose. 

You’re in charge, you control the purse strings, so give your team what they really want and deserve.  But you’ve never heard of Battle House?

Located in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs in Barrington, Battle House Tactical Laser Combat offers a truly unique and thrilling form of recreation and entertainment.  Forget what you know about laser tag, this is a close to simulated combat as we can make it.  Our massive in-door arena is complete with multiple 2-story buildings and was designed to simulate a complex urban combat environment.

You and your team will engage in a series of team orientated, fun and adrenaline pumping mission scenarios that will challenge even the tightest knit group to succeed.  You’ll need to solve complex problems based on the requirements and parameters of each mission.  The environment forces members to learn to improve communications, or fail miserably. 

Each mission has specific goals and objectives to accomplish that will let the kids-at-heart have some of the best time of their lives!  In one Battle Session, you’ll play 6 or more missions depending upon how quickly and effectively the teams complete the objectives.  You’ll protect your VIP, capture the opposing team’s flag, use a simulated briefcase bomb in search and destroy, and rescue your downed pilot Randy, in a hostage recovery operation, and much more.

Sessions are enjoyable for all, regardless of age, gender or skill level.  And team members not only have fun and have an outlet for stress, they leave feeling empowered and ready to face their next team challenge.

Players will be armed with their choice of gun, each with unique and advanced features to match every player’s style.  Our equipment is fast, accurate and realistic.  Our equipment is much safer than paintball or airsoft as there are no dangerous projectiles.  Our equipment uses infrared light to tag your opponent at the speed of light.  The signals are just like your families TV remote controls.  View our Armory to see our wide variety of weapon types from our standard issue MP5 Stinger, to pistols, SMGs, sniper rifles, XM4, AK47 and sawed-off shotguns.

Battle House offers exceptional customer service and consistently earns 4.9 / 5.0 star reviews.  Here’s what some of our corporate event organizers had to say:

Crank your battle up to the next level with the Elite Tactics Training?  With an extra 45 minutes to your battle, our Field Marshals will provide additional instruction to your group to focus on your communication, leadership and teamwork skills.  Click here to learn more.

Still on the Fence?

Battle House offers a no hassle experience with flexible hours and scheduling.  We have multiple conference rooms for pre- and post-session meetings.  We also have a 2nd floor Bar / Lounge area that is great for relaxing after the Battle and “re-writing” history. 

Food can be brought in, delivered or catered to Battle House.  Here’s a link to Restaurants that we know deliver to Battle House. Alternatively, there are several great local restaurants close by, such as the Onion Pub and Brewery.

Questions?  Want to send out a scouting party?  Or are you ready to make your reservation? Give us a call at 815-900-9003.