End Summer With a Blast: Labor Day Weekend Deals at Battle House Chicago

By DHuckbody | August 26, 2019

Looking for something special to wrap up the summer with family and friends?  Then come out to Battle House and end it with a blast! 

Many schools and colleges have already begun their fall semesters.  The Labor Day weekend could be one of your last opportunities to create a truly memorable experience and have some serious fun in the process.  Come on out and have one final summer adventure before you get into your busy fall schedules. 

At Battle House, Labor Day weekend is going to be full of fun, adventure and teamwork all wrapped into one!  Still not convinced? We’re offering a blow-out deal when you buy 4 or more tickets, you’ll save 50%. This deal is available for the entire long weekend, from August 31st to September 2nd.  We are also offering extended hours on Monday, Labor Day. Book on-line or give us a call at 815-900-9003 to reserve your spots. Click here to learn more or Book Now

If you’ve never experienced Battle House Chicago, we take fun and adventure seriously.  Our massive in-door arena is complete with multiple 2-story buildings and was designed to simulate a complex urban combat environment.

Players will be armed with their choice of gun, each with unique and advanced features to match every player’s style.  Our equipment is fast, accurate and realistic. Our equipment is much safer than paintball or airsoft as there are no dangerous projectiles.  Our equipment uses infrared light to tag your opponent at the speed of light. The signals are just like your families TV remote controls. View our Armory to see our wide variety of weapon types from our standard issue MP5 Stinger, to pistols, SMGs, sniper rifles, XM4, AK47 and sawed-off shotguns.

And most importantly of all, you will engage in a series of team orientated, fun and challenging mission scenarios.  Each mission has specific goals and objectives to accomplish that will let the kids and kids-at-heart have some of the best time of their lives!  In one Battle Session, you’ll play 6 or more missions depending upon how quickly and effectively the teams complete the objectives. You’ll protect your VIP, capture the opposing team’s flag, use a simulated briefcase bomb in search and destroy, and rescue your downed pilot Randy, in a hostage recovery operation, and much more.

Have fun inside the best laser tag arena in Chicagoland with a group of friends or family and enjoy unbelievable summer end deals waiting for you in Battle House.

Isn’t it about time you let loose, have fun and “Get Your Battle On” Chicagoland! Grab our special Labor Day discounts now!