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By DHuckbody | August 19, 2019



How To Plan The ‘Coolest Birthday Party Ever’ For Your Child

Planning a birthday party for your child is easy when they’re toddlers. But face it, once they start getting a little older, generally 8 and above, it just gets more and more challenging. 

Ever hear them say “I’m not a child anymore”? It’s this childhood phase when you, as a parent, should start thinking what fun feels like for them, and don’t forget to include their friends on that too.

These pointers will help you throw the ‘coolest birthday party ever,’ that even your kid’s friends would agree on:

Know what their interests are

There’s no doubt as kids reach pre-teen and teenage years they become active and social. Thanks to video games and mobile game apps, they are also more drawn into friendly combat games more than ever. It’s great to create a birthday party themed like their favorite games, but should you stop there?

There’s a certain thrill that comes with playing video games. How about using this interest to make his or her birthday a blast this year? Make it a fun day for them by letting them play like actual players in their own video combat games in a massive in-door gaming arena. 

What’s more fun than being inside your own combat video game? Laser Tag game battles make this fantasy possible. Planning a birthday party will be more fun at the Battle House in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, it’s where your child’s gaming fantasies come alive.

Don’t ‘try’ to be cool. Be cool.

Being a cool mom or dad has its benefits. If your kid thinks you’re ‘cool’, they’re much easier to talk to, they follow your instructions more often, plus it can make for a more enjoyable relationship. But isn’t it funny when your kids know when you’re trying to fit in? 

That’s also a lesson you want them to know--being cool is never trying to fit in. It is being their most authentic self by doing the things they love. If your baby girl isn’t anymore fond of the girly-girl themes and parties, don’t you think you should take it a step further in planning her birthday this year?

If your child finds joy in combat games, there’s no reason to not make it just like that on her special day. It’s not always the usual clown-and-unicorns party theme. Sometimes, girls just want to the best laser tag birthday parties can be your best bet. Now, who’s the coolest parents in the neighborhood now?

Don’t treat them as ‘kids’ 

On their special day, they deserve to be treated the way they want to be treated, even if that means not treating them as little kids. 

Laser tag at the Battle House is not your usual ‘kiddy-style’, glow in the dark, cheesy plastic equipment type of experience.  They call it tactical laser tag and it is designed to be more military “tactical” in its approach. The laser tag gear is also made more exciting for kids and adults alike, as they come with a simulation system to make every battle more thrilling. 

Contrary to what some might believe, tactical laser tag does not encourage violence.  Rather, its team orientated, mission based gaming approach actually teaches your child leadership and teamwork skills. It’s not about shooting everyone in the area, it’s about working together on a common objective, communicating, planning, analyzing and strategizing to reach your team’s goal. It’s a social and analytical game designed to enhance your child’s skills, while letting them have fun with their friends and family.  Mom and Dad, don’t miss out on the opportunity to join in the fun join your kids in the Battle Time. You’ll have memories that will last for years to come. 

Book the best spot

The ‘coolest birthday party ever’ pretty much depends on the set-up as well. Sure you can transform your home into the coolest birthday party place, but no party doesn’t come without the mess, and you don’t want to stress on that.

If you’re scouting for the best birthday party place in Chicago and the surrounding communities, you’re in for a treat at the Battle House located in Lake Barrington, IL. It can easily accommodate guests of 50 or more.  The massive facility, with multiple 2-story buildings is like an in-door city. You can also reserve an Event Room where your guests can eat and chill after the game or hang-out in their 2nd floor lounge / mezzanine area. All you need to do is order your party food, relax and get the ‘coolest birthday party ever’ started.

Ready to give your child the birthday party he deserves? Birthday parties in Chicagoland are best celebrated at the Battle House. Book this place now!